How to Find an Internet Marketing Mentor

Some of the top Internet Marketers market their expertise to entrepreneurs, marketing professionals and small business owners and managers. They do this various ways but generally they package their knowledge into a course/ training programme that can consist of a series of informative sessions, , step by step tutorials, action lists and on-going support. These programs can range from $1000 to $10,000+. As mentioned in my previous it is crucial to research and vet your potential mentor well, so that you get the most useful, valuable and up-to-date training.
Following these steps should help with finding a suitable mentor.

As mentioned in the previous post, do some initial Internet Marketing research. Watch YouTube videos and look up blogs about Internet Marketing and Internet Marketers, where you can learn the basics and learn about them.

You need to be prepared to pay for your mentoring. You should decide how much you are will to pay but keep in mind the time and money you will save overall. I would say you can find a good Mentoring programme for around $2000 – $5000, but many offer monthly payment plans spread over several months, as they understand not many people can afford to pay out big lump sums in one go. But if you’ve decided you want to make a career out of IM then it’s worth it and definitely needed. To put it into perspective, if you were to do a master’s degree for a chosen career, you will be paying around £10,000 ($16,000) for a year’s course.

Find an Internet marketing coach from a successful Internet marketing blog. Giving some advice away for free is 1 of the most successful ways to promote expertise and build a following. If you find someone whose blog you find extremely useful, look on their “Contact” page to see if they are also a coach. You can email them to speak with directly or at least have email correspondence.

Look for referral and reviews on blogs and forums. Sites like is a good place to start, plus there are many other IM blogs out there.

Ask to see reviews, results and an outline of the course, before you pay for an Internet marketing coach. I’ll be explaining the importance of this on my next post. Also, try to find some reviews from other websites. Although you should not expect any mentor to have completely positive reviews, you may be able to get a wider range of opinions but the majority should be positive.

You can sign up for mentoring sessions at PivotPlanet. If you do not want to pay $1000’s on an actual course or mentoring programme, then you can find marketing professionals by using PivotPlanet’s job advisers. When you sign up to be mentored, you pay according to the expert’s hourly rate and you can conference by video, phone or in person, if you’re from the same area. So rather than an entire course you can get help on specific areas you want to learn more or need guidance about.

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  • Richard G M Taylor

    Reply Reply March 10, 2014

    Hi Dominic,

    Good article. I would like to add that a referral from someone you trust is also a good way forward. That is how I came across P2S.

    Another cost effective way to learn this business is to join or create a Mastermind Group. I started one myself in London after the 2005 World Internet Summit, which lasted a couple of years. Living in a city like London, there are existing groups one can join. Do a search on


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