Finding a Mentor

Now following on from my last post on where to start, I finished up with suggesting that a good place to start is to watch videos on youtube or elsewhere on the internet, of seminars with some of the world’s leading online marketers. This was for a number of reasons;

1) You’ll hear about how they got started and hear their success stories. This is always good as its really gets you fired up and excited about Internet Marketing and what can be achieved.
2) From watching these people you will get an idea about the various methods of Internet Marketing
3) Most importantly, this is a good place to start to find a MENTOR!

Finding a suitable mentor is by far the best way to fast track your progress and increase your knowledge of Internet Marketing. Without a mentor you can waste a lot of money and time and still end up getting nowhere fast.

Over the past couple of years I have spent so much money on various ‘cheap’ courses that promise you’ll be making $30,000 dollars in 30 day or make you’re first million within 6 months and all the other crap you hear. So you buy and you try and you only get a glimpse of what is needed really make that kind of money. Who really would sell a way to become a millionaire for $30-$100? I know in any business you should give as much value as possible but you also need to be realistic.

So then you see another product claiming the same, but by a different method so you try that and get the same dead end results. This is because you don’t have anyone explaining what to do step by step, telling you the best way to set up a website or an auto responder or how find good affiliate products, create your own product and generate traffic to those products to make sales, creating a sales funnel etc…. Which are all the things you need to have a successful online business. But just being told you need those things and left on your own to work it out yourself is like trying to climb a mountain with flip flops and a stick. You know you need better equipment and techniques but you don’t have it. So like most, you lose interest as it’s too hard and complicated and never really give it a proper go.

But by having a mentor
1) You have someone to explain to what steps to take to get from A to B.
2) Someone to ask for help and support when you get stuck on something, which as a beginner will happen.
3) So rather than wasting time and money trying things that you don’t know about or know if they will work, you have their years of experience to guide you and teach you and explain to you what does and doesn’t work.

So that’s why I suggested looking up some of the top marketers and watch them on stage and you’ll see some of the various methods of Internet Marketing (IM). Some methods you’ll like the sound of and some you won’t, some of the people you watch you’ll like and some you won’t. But you will find someone and some method that resonates with you and that stirs something within you, that makes you think ‘that’s what I want to do’ or ‘I want to work with him/her’. So make a note of that Marketer or the method used and do a bit more research, look up their personal blogs, look them up on the Warrior Forum or other internet forums to see what people have said about them or their products.

Through this you’ll hear about other mentors, maybe less famous, but just as good. Not all top Internet Marketers do live seminars and travel the world teaching, some are more low key.
But take your time with this and research properly as there are some out there that aren’t all they’re cracked up to be and having a mentor does cost money, but if you find the right one then it will be worth it.

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