I’m 31 years old and currently live in London where I work as a Recruitment Manager in the Finance Industry. My first job ever was working in a mens designer clothes shop. I have also worked as a cleaner at my school and college when I was in sixth form, worked in call centres, factories, loading sofa’s on and off lorries for furniture stores to get myself through university.

At university I got a degree in Law and Criminology, but after being a student for 3 years and getting a taste for not having a great deal of money I decided not to follow a career in Law, as this would have taken another several years full time studying for exams, which meant several years not earning any money, which was a big no no for me. So I ended up going into recruitment specialising in Investment Banking and Asset Management which is the industry I have worked in for the last 7 years. Through those years I have worked for good companies and bad companies that made me miserable, but I am fortunate enough to say that I now work for a company that I enjoy working for. However I am working for someone else and stuck in an office all day and like most people I would like to be my own boss and have the freedom to work anywhere in the world and earn lots money in the process.

I was introduced to Internet Marketing a few years ago by my best friend (who I worked with in many of the jobs mentioned above) after he had seen a Simon Coulson seminar. He explained it all to me and I was instantly drawn to the idea of Internet Marketing, of making loads of money from my laptop, helping people develop themselves and travelling the world, living the laptop lifestyle. Well a few years later after a number of course that weren’t great and trying a few different things here and there, I still haven’t made my millions, but still haven’t given up.

Which is when I came across the Partnership to Success which seems like the course and mentoring I was looking for. So here we are 7 weeks in and I’m very excited about the next 12 months and setting up my own Internet Marketing business.

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